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Who is an Artist?


We appreciate the challenge of determining one’s interest and involvement in artistic activities. For the purpose of our Artist Selection Panel, TAL’s definition of artist will be: 


An Artist is a person who promotes or creates visual art, literary art, new media art or performing art, using imagination, skill or talent to create works of aesthetic value. It is not necessary for the creation of art to be a source of income for the artist. It is, however, necessary that the person demonstrates a commitment to participating in art. 


Examples of various art disciplines are: 


Visual Arts – drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, architecture 

Literary Arts – writing of drama, poetry, novels, short stories; creative writing 

New Media Arts – digital art, interactive art, computer animation, computer graphics 

Performing Arts – dance, music, opera, comedy, magic, theater, film, acrobatics 


The Artist Selection Panel will not judge the quality of an artist’s work, but will instead determine the level to which an artist is committed to and participates in their form of art. As with our sister property in Sacramento, Warehouse Artist Lofts, we hope to amass a community with a diverse range of creative abilities and professions. Please do not be discouraged to apply based on the “type of art” you practice.

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