How to Apply to Live at TAL


TAL will help meet Truckee's critical and immediate need for quality, affordable and workforce housing by providing 76 affordable apartments. 




Must meet Income Restrictions


All the rental apartments at TAL have low-income restrictions.  The number of persons in a household determines the maximum household income.  Anyone applying will have to earn household income of 80% or less of Area Median Income (AMI) for Nevada County for their household size. Any applicant with household income in excess of the 80% AMI for their household size in the chart below will not qualify to live at TAL.


Applicants will qualify based on the permitted Nevada County maximum incomes in effect at the time of application.  The table below summarizes the maximum qualifying household income by AMI and household size for TAL based on Nevada County 2020 income limits.

Floor plans and unit configurations can be viewed here

Two Different Ways to Apply


If your household income is no more than 50% AMI level according to the chart above, then you can apply for one of the 19 Project Based Voucher units at TAL, available through our partner, Regional Housing. Regional Housing will score applicants based on the Regional Housing’s preferences then send applicants to TAL in the order of highest scoring applicants with the earliest application dates.


Regional Housing has opened their TAL waitlist.  Please visit the Regional Housing website to apply.  


If your household income is no more than 80% AMI level according to the chart above, then you can apply through TAL’s Leasing Process. Applicants will be scored based on a preference point system and then be entered into a random draw within each score to select applicants for evaluation. If at initial lease up, TAL has fewer applicants than units available, TAL’s Leasing Process will evaluate applicants by preference score only.

**TAL will publish and begin formally accepting rental applications prior to the completion of construction which is anticipated to be in Spring 2021.**


All households at or below 50% AMI (see yellow highlighted Income Limits chart above), may apply through TAL’s Leasing Process or Regional Housing’s application process. Applicants in blue may only apply to TAL’s Leasing Process (not open until Spring 2021).




TAL Applicant Preferences


At initial lease up, to ensure that members of the creative community with ties to the greater Truckee and Nevada County have the best chance of renting at TAL, both Regional Housing’s and TAL’s Leasing Process will screen applicants based on a selection of preferences.


Involvement in the arts will be a priority preference during initial leasing and on-going. This will apply to both the Regional Housing preferences and to TAL’s preferences.  We will appoint an Artist Selection Panel that will screen the Artist Questionnaire portion of your applications.

To find our more about TAL's definition of an artist, Click Here

Need more info? Feel free to reach us by emailing info@truckeeartistlofts.com